Favorite Young Living 2013 Convention Speaker

Decided to cover some of the things I learned/heard/picked up while at the Young Living Convention 2013.  Hit the ground running when I got home.  Went to visit my daughter, then my mother-in-love came to visit us. One of my younger sons (19yrs) moved out of our home while I was at Convention.  So I’m still attempting to get my house in order.  Then we’ve had an impromptu visit from my MIL’s brother and nephew so I’ve been even MORE busy.  I haven’t even sorted out my notes.  I have only glanced at everybody else’s too!

First things first…. both the Leadership session and the Opening General   session were given by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine and mentor to CEOs and high-performance entrepreneurs.  He is a dynamic, enthusiastic motivational speaker.  Just listening to him makes you think …. “HEY, I could do THAT!!”  His bio says he has been a leader in the personal development industry for seventeen years.  He is a prolific speaker and as an 18 year old entrepreneur was earning a six-figure income.

He is attractive, clean-cut, well-spoken and the content of his information is easy to understand and makes you want to sit in closer to soak it up.  He would have to be my favorite speaker of the whole week.  (I’ll talk about the close 2nd next.)  There are many tools on his website and he freely shared his powerpoints and other information.

He showed a video clip of a successful man when asked how to win in business. Art was a high school football coach who had a dream and an idea and became a billionaire entrepreneur.  Art Williams, asks….”what does a $500,000 dollar a year man do that the $50,000 a year man do?”

Here is a longer version.

Darren talked about the advice he was given on being successful…

“Go fail – a lot. – Your goal is to out-fail your competition.  Whoever can fail the most, the fastest and the biggest wins.” 

He took that advice and in his own words, “became a failure-seeking maniac”  and went forward to become successful above and beyond what many of us can imagine. He ended up outselling an office of 44 agents combined. Combined!!  that means all of them put together.  I don’t emphasize that because I don’t think you understand it, but because that is an ENORMOUS feat, no? 

Here is a snippet of what he shared in his own words, his failure speech.

The one thing he said that hit me with the force of a hurricane had nothing to do with business or with essential oils.  It had everything to do with relationships particularly the marriage relationship.  He talked about percentages.   He asked….what percentage do you have to give in your marriage relationship for it to be successful?  Some say 50/50…you give half and the other person gives half.  Others say 80/20 as long as you give 80% then you’re doing your best.  I sat there thinking, no, it has to be 100/100…EACH person has to give 100%.  And his answer?

100/0.  You have to be willing to give 100% of yourself even if your partner is only giving 0%…that is personal responsibility.

Do you want to be right?  Or do you want to be happy?

Do you want to make moments of magic happen?

100% to 0% – That is the only way you can truly say you’ve given everything and done everything you can to make it work.  It’s not what you know, it’s what you do.  Stop looking for the quick fix.  It is the small, seemingly insignificant moment-by-moment choices.

Watch this clip for some Famous failures: 

So get out there…. and rack up some failures…chase it with reckless abandon!!

5 responses to “Favorite Young Living 2013 Convention Speaker

  1. Thank you for sharing Awesome I too loved this Convention too hard to pick so they all get 100%

  2. Connie Downer

    Thanks, Denise. I enjoyed this. Convention is on my list of things to do!

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