Average Income as YLEO member

Lots of people starting out with Young Living have absolutely NO intention of promoting oils as a business or as a hobby or as ANYTHING.  Many people have a fear of having to SELL something and just don’t want people to feel PRESSURE to have to buy anything from them.  They don’t want to take advantage of relationships.  Some people are reluctant to even BUY oils for fear they are going to be committing to a life-long bondage and be required to purchase a certain amount of products FOR-EVER.

I am here to tell you, “That just ain’t so!”  Young Living posts the US Income Disclosure Statement on its website which delineates who makes what and how many hours it takes them to do it. Here is a link to the 2017 IDS pdf.

Click to access YL-2017-IDS.pdf

Here’s the BIG NEWS…..92% of all active members are ranked as Distributor only.  That means that they are NOT earning any income, they are just here to enjoy the benefits of wholesale membership.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that if that is your desire.

The next step up from distributor is STAR…. then SENIOR STAR, then EXECUTIVE, then SILVER, then GOLD, then PLATINUM, then DIAMOND, then Crown Diamond, then last is the ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND.

  • STAR averages 5 hours/week and earns approximately $73/month
  • SENIOR STAR works an average of 7 hours/week and earns approximately $261/month
  • EXECUTIVE works an average of 11 hours/week and earns approximately $617/month
  • SILVER works an average of 17 hours/week and earns about $2,335/month
  • GOLD works an average of 23 hours/week and earns about $6,527/month
  • PLATINUM works an average of 32 hours/week and earns about $15,721/month
  • DIAMOND works an average of 45 hours/week and earns about $32,003/month
  • CROWN DIAMOND works an average of 36 hours/week and earns about $57,300/month
  • ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND works an average of 37 hours/week and earns about $106,432/month

That means that only 8 percent of people purchasing Young Living Products enrolled as distributors/wholesale members are promoting the business and making an income while doing it.  The beauty of the NETWORK is that you have help if you need it to learn HOW…. and who doesn’t want/need help as you learn?  Only about 5% of members make it to Silver or above.

It isn’t because they CANNOT…..it is because they DO NOT.

Follow along with a few shots of my upline, Heather as she shows us a glimpse into one of her days.  Heather is a GOLD member with Young Living and she’s been involved for two years this month.  We started at the same time.  She is an incredibly gifted teacher with an amazingly keen eye for truth.  She can point right to the heart of a matter in a very short amount of time. She is very generous and merciful, yet is not afraid to speak the truth, and WILL speak the truth even at the risk of not being “liked”.  Want to see what it looks like to live as a Gold?  Where here you go….

“Good morning!  Here starts a day in the life of a YL Gold: If my kids don’t have piano, judo, ballet, homeschool study group (which my Young Living check all covers) then I get to lounge.

I have no bosshole.



Here is my bedside stash of oils …..Hmmmmmm… A little Frankincense to get me going?



And HERE is my kitchen stash:  for in water, to make a capsule, to fill a diffuser. These rows are 2 deep.”


**I asked her what the sprays are and she replied, “We make all kinds of sprays, I think one of these is a “defunk” or “newBreeze”,  Purification, Grapefruit and lime…..I think….the other is my husband’s Peppermint water that he uses before his intense two hour workouts.


Now I’m watching numbers rise. I know this will be at least 4 higher by this afternoon because I’m holding enrollment forms in my hand to process. You know what blesses me about this? Not just a paycheck……

I AM helping families grow healthier together in Wellness, Purpose and Abundance!


One of my team members reached a goal in a very timely manner. She won an “Ancient Oils of Scripture” set! We are on our way to run errands and deliver this precious gift!


What to use before bed? So thankful for the Wellness, Purpose and Abundance we have with Young Living!



 Gold: a place where you can reward with style (meaning kids in tow)   Growth is the key. Don’t stop. The only way to fail is to stop.  It’s SO worth the work, and the work is FUN!”

you are going to want to give up

I don’t know about you, but I need MORE MONEY…..so I can buy MORE OILS…..and then I can help MORE PEOPLE…..and help MORE PEOPLE get their needs met…. so I’m on my way to Gold too….

3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

5 responses to “Average Income as YLEO member

  1. “I have no bosshole”. I love you.

  2. Good info and I’m sharing!

  3. Hi Denise,

    I have just found this post on your blog and have found it really helpful and I was wondering if you would consider giving me some more personal help? I have been a YL distributer since October last year, loving the oils and then deciding to make a go of it business-wise in April this year. I have a Facebook page, a website, hosted a party in my house and have another one on Facebook this saturday. I talk about my oils all the time, I’m sure I’m boring people! I get people ordering the occasional bottle of oil from me which all helps towards the monthly PV, but my downline still stands at a big fat 0. I put in around 5 hours a week into my business but do not see anything like the $73 a month return. More like $2.50 if I am lucky. I am in the UK, which means that the oils are not a cheaper healthcare option as we have our free national health service. Would you be happy to give me any pointers? I am reading lots of blogs of other successful distributers who say that you don’t have to sell, it just ‘happens’ but so far not for me. What am I doing wrong? What else should I be doing?

    I would really appreciate any help you could give me,

    Many thanks


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