Choosing a sponsor to sign up under or changing “lines”

Do you have several friends involved in Young Living (or any other network marketing opportunity)?  Not sure which one to sign up under, but you really WANT the products and don’t want to hurt any feelings, but you also want to do the best you can for yourself and your family, right?  Sometimes it’s a hard choice and you may be wondering how can you choose?  Network marketing is all about the NETWORK.  It is about helping each other succeed.  If your friends are all in the same network, it’s a little easier because what helps one helps everyone over them.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you already have a relationship and do you LIKE the person?
  • Would you WANT to work closely with the person?
  • What kind of knowledge base does the person have?
  • How long have they been a member?
  • What Rank do they hold?
  • Do they have any extensive training/certifications/licenses?  (CARE, Raindrop, LSH, LSHC, CCI, CCA)
  • Are they willing to teach YOU?
  • Are they able to answer your product info questions?
  • Are they able to answer your questions related to the compensation plan?
  • Can they EXPLAIN the compensation plan?
  • Can and will they help you with teaching?
  • Can they discuss and recommend resources to you? Pocket guide eodr
  • Do they have a zyto scanner available for you to utilize (or someone in their upline)? zyto_how_it_works
  • What kind of incentive(s) are being offered?

That is all not to say you shouldn’t sign up under someone with no training or experience.  It just means you’d be more on your own if that is the case, learning together instead of starting with someone more experienced/knowledgeable.

One time, my friend Heather and I had a sign-up war.  It was actually a lot of fun.  She was offering the incentive of a book, and an extra oil.  I saw her and I said, I’d one up her and add another book, so she one-upped me and added a diffuser necklace…. so I one upped her, added the diffuser necklace and some samples.  Heather is in my upline, and the group she was offering it in was a group of pretty close-knit people.  We had fun and there were no hard feelings.  (But of course, I got the sign-up… I didn’t make any $$ off it, it COST me $$)  I don’t necessarily recommend doing this in an “unfriendly” situation, and really, people with “relationship” should be in network together.

I’ve done the CARE training, and am certified in Raindrop technique, and am a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) (that just cracks me up to say, since I’m totally against midwifery licensure)  but what that does….is takes the practice of anointing with oils and Raindrop OUT of the “medical” arena and makes it a “spiritual” practice.  I’m also working towards being a CARE instructor.  My upline is FABULOUS and encourages me regularly.  I’m currently at the Rank of Executive and hoping to step over into Silver very soon!

So you can see from the list of things to look for, what will make YOU a good sponsor.  Help your people as best you can.  Keep relationships in mind as your structure your network.  Learn, Learn, Learn….and then….teach, teach, teach….. it’s really about the ministry of healing.

Let me know how I can assist you in your journey.  If you’re already signed up under someone else, then you should go to them for individual assistance.  That’s the way it’s structured.  It’s not because I  want to be “mean” or “exclusive” but it’s because I need to reserve my time for those within my “network”.


Lots of times people will sign up under someone else and then come to me for business building advice, I hope you understand…. I must reserve my advice and time for those under me.  I will usually answer quick questions or point people to a resource or my blog here, but other than that, I have to focus on my family, and my “network”.

I also get asked a LOT if a member can change “lines” and have a different sponsor.  Really that is discouraged.  It affects more than just one person due to the network structuring. You are encouraged to stick with your upline and if they aren’t offering you the support you need, reach out to the next level up.  If you do not know who that is, you can call the company and ask for the next active member up the line from you.  I’m sure that there will be someone willing to assist you.

Following is the instructions from Young Living in regards to HOW to change your line if you still feel you need to. *IMPORTANT NOTE:  YOU CANNOT TAKE ANY DOWNLINE WITH YOU!!!

“If a member has been signed up for longer than 30 days there are two options to change sponsor.  One option is for the member to go inactive for 6 consecutive months during which no orders can be placed, then submit a written request to Young Living.  The request may be submitted via mail, fax, or email, and must be sent directly to Young Living from the member whose sponsor would be changed.

The other option is for the member to submit a written request to Young Living, and have the member’s three (3) active upline also submit their approval to Young Living.  Requests/approvals may be submitted via mail, fax, or email, and must be sent directly to Young Living from the member requesting or approving the sponsor change.

If submitted via email, the request/approval must be sent from the email address listed on the member’s Young Living account.  Requests/approvals submitted via fax or mail must include the signature of the member who is making the submission.  Once all necessary requests and approvals are received by Young Living, there is a mandatory 30 day waiting period for requests following the upline approval process.

Additionally, any sponsor change request made after a member’s first 30 days of enrollment requires a $35 processing fee prior to submitting the request to the Executive Committee. At the end of the 30 days, if the request is not cancelled, the fee will be charged, and the request would then be presented to the Executive Committee.

Please be aware that any downline members would not be transferred with you. The downline will be forfeited if the sponsor change request is approved.

You can send the request either via fax at 1-866-203-5666, e-mail to or by mail to 3125 W. Executive Parkway, Lehi, UT 84043.  **Please note that a request to make the change does not guarantee it will be approved.  Each situation is reviewed on a case by case basis.”

Many of us also welcome cross-line members to our classes, so that is another option.  I have taught for another line before to help her get started.  I have found most people involved in Young Living are very open and willing to help.  After all, this is a business about healing…purpose, wellness & abundance.

3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

5 responses to “Choosing a sponsor to sign up under or changing “lines”

  1. Stephanie A Duncan

    I want to change my line. Not for anything she has done. . She is very nice and all but I met another lady that has a zyto compass and we want to team up together and travel. I truly believe we are great together and have sp much drive for Young Living. .. we eat sleep and breath Young Living and her number is 1648231.. I truly hope you honor my request.. Thanks sincerely Stephanie duncan

    • Stephanie, you’re not in my downline. I would encourage you to talk to your upline, or find someone to work with IN your line. You can also get a zyto yourself! 🙂 Thanks for reading the blog.

  2. Im sorry I forgot I have only been doing this for 2 weeks and im still new at this. . Please forgive not trying to be a problem. . But I am trying to put the word out the I believe in ty his company and love all the oils I have and is looking to purchase so many more. . Im just excited never been this way about anything before.. but when I believe in something I run with it. .. thanks again Stephanie Duncan

  3. I am Patty Lenehan my account is still active but I have not purchased anything in a year and I would like to change my sponsor. My member
    # 2460784 pin #3888

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