SO MANY RUMORS… what about them?

When you are at the top, people either want to emulate you or destroy you.  Young Living is a company that IS at the top; it is often the standard that other companies are measured against.  If someone is going to compare against another essential oil company it is usually against Young Living.  Recently Jared Turner, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer posted a message on his facebook page to encourage the members in light of many recent new rumors that have been circulating.

Jared Turner

Jared Turner

As I hear rumors of more companies attempting to get on the essential oil “bandwagon” because they see our strength and growth, I smile. Several MLMs currently have oils and several others are formulating “big” plans to have oils. I’d like to say thank you to all of these companies for paying us such a high compliment, after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery. As we all know, companies come and go; companies driven by profit and “band-wagoning” come and go even faster. Why is that? They have no story; no depth of purpose or connection to the greater “why.” I often tell my marketing team to remember that a good brand is a good story. Young Living is not only the brand of a company, it’s ALSO the living and vibrant story of the ENTIRE essential oils industry. Young Living IS essential oils. We started it, we’ve cultivated it, we’ve brought it to the world, and we’ll continue dominating as the “World Leader in Essential Oils” (a trademark we own, by the way). You and your teams will hear of companies attempting to recruit your people because of supposedly fancier compensation plans, catchy marketing slogans and other “tried and true” gimmicks used to capture the eye in the moment—just enough to extract money and time– and leave you where you were initially once the initial “new shiny object” emotion washes away. The list is, unfortunately, endless of companies trying to get a “piece” of the action in the essential oils space.

We are unique in that we ARE the essential oils brand. We HAVE the guru/maverick/explorer/distiller/farmer/leader of the entire global industry.

Gary Young pictured in the lab.

Gary Young pictured in the lab.

We HAVE the farms. We HAVE Seed to Seal. We HAVE the chemists and labs. And we HAVE the greatest field leaders on earth spreading this message.

Hold true to what you know deep down inside. Companies will come and go; gimmicks will catch the eye for a moment. Remember we’re part of something more: a movement. As we all understand, leaders of movements are the focal point of the worst attacks from “competitors.” The more we’re attacked, and the more Gary is attacked, the more we know we’re doing well!

They attack because they are envious of our position as the World Leader in Essential Oils. The day the attacks and attempted competition in our space stops happening, is the day we’re no longer relevant.

I tip my hat to Gary for holding true to the principles that have brought us this far, and I take my hat of to all of you for standing strong on the foundation of research, farming, distillation, science, quality, adventure, and exploration that makes us the envy of the world. Remember, it takes a special person to do what Albert Einstein so famously stated: “Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” Gary will continue being the courageous voice for essential oils that he’s always been, and nothing will stop Gary or any of us from shouting about essential oils from the mountain tops! I remember hearing somewhere that God chooses people to do great things who are willing ACT. Gary may be a poor farm boy from Idaho, but he is a man of action, and, thus, I firmly believe, chosen to lead the movement in bringing the healing powers of essential oils to the world. #StrengthAndHonor (a quote from my favorite movie, Gladiator!)

Following is a video clip of Jared giving a tour of the global headquarters in Lehi, Utah.

**  Personal note:  One of my friends and downline members lives near the headquarters in Lehi.  She recently made a trip to the store to pick up some Young Living products with her 5 little children.  The Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Cole Wolley saw her struggling with her package and jumped in and helped her out to the car with her products and her children.  He asked her how she likes the products and what is her favorite……What other company’s executives would take time out of their busy day to help a young mother and her children….and care enough to engage in conversation as well.

Ursula and her children.

Ursula and her children touring the facility.

Don’t concern yourself when people try to tear down our products or our company …. they stand alone on their own.  Thanks so much for the pep talk, Jared!!  Thanks for the story and the photo, Ursula!

Young Living Essential Oils….. in every home in the world!

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