When “pretend” gets “real”

Giving a Raindrop this morning to a friend.  In the background her two little girls were playing together sweetly.  They had clay at the kitchen table and were playing “pretend”.  They pretended to be different sets of people.  This is the way it went:

Little Girl #1:  Who are you?

Little Girl #2:  Me?  I’m Elsie… who are YOU?

Little Girl #1:  I’m Rosie

Elsie :  Oh, Okay

*both little girls working with the clay and chitter-chattering back & forth …

(Photo from photobucket)

(Photo from photobucket)

Elsie:  Can I come to your house and sleep tonight?

Rosie:  Yes!  You can sleep in my bed.  Two girls in ONE bed….

Elsie:  Yay!  I love you, Rosie!!!

Rosie:  I love YOU Elsie…..

Elsie:  I love YOU Rosie….

Rosie:  I love YOU TOO Elsie….

Elsie:  We’re having FUN!!

Rosie:  YES!!

*girls kept playing and chattering back/forth as different people…. repeatedly expressing their love for one another every couple sentences……

and then:

Elsie:  I’m sorry I was a butt yesterday!

(the mother & myself burst out laughing SO HARD and I could seriously barely contain myself)

Rosie:  what?  when?

Elsie:  yesterday, at your house, when we were playing, what I said….

Rosie:  Oh….. Okay….. that’s okay…

*back to playing as the momma & I struggled to compose ourselves and it led me to thinking …..

Photo from Photobucket

Photo from Photobucket

So sweet…. little girls, as sisters, being best friends.  Took me back to the days my oldest 2 daughters were little and they would play so sweetly.  *sigh…. they grow up so fast, it’s a whirlwind….  

I don’t know whether Elsie was actually playing she’d been a “butt” or whether she was actually apologizing, but you know she knows she should be apologizing when she’s a “butt”. 

We (or should I say I?) need to take a lesson from the little girls playing …. and apologize when I’m a butt.  And sweet little Rosie, first of all, she had no idea when her sister/friend had BEEN a “butt” …… wonder why? …… maybe because she’d already forgiven and forgotten. 

Another lesson….. forgive others when they’re a “butt”. 

Forgiveness in action, good job, Momma …. you’re training them well….. thank-you, Lord for the simple sweet lesson.



2 responses to “When “pretend” gets “real”

  1. I cried when this came to my inbox. I so miss reading and having my life touched by you. And that was before I even read it…😢😭
    So good to hear from you! Sending blessings✨❤️💫

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