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No use crying over spilled milk …… or spilled oil either?

True or NOT true?

Well, whomever it was that made up that saying never was a breastfeeding mother.  For if she WAS, then she would KNOW what it takes to package that liquid gold and how very precious and life-giving it is.  Many a mother I know HAS cried if she spilled her pumped breast milk.

Liquid Gold  Photo credit:  Bing

Liquid Gold
Photo credit: Bing

Not long ago in one of my “oily groups” one of my downline posted this line:

“I just spilled half a bottle of sacred frankincense on the floor. I forgot I took the dropper cap out and turned it right over onto the floor. I’m going to lay in bed and cry the rest of the evening! This might be worse than the time I spilled 6 oz of freshly pumped breast milk!”   from Katie K.

Member Price $89.75 Retail Price  $118.09

Member Price $89.75
Retail Price $118.09

If you’ve ever been a breastfeeding mother or the partner of a breastfeeding mother then you totally understand the comparison.  That stuff is like liquid gold, I kid you not!  It was no surprise, then, when there came a lot of commiserating with the following comments:

“Did this with Grapefruit two weeks ago.  On the plus side, grapefruit is MUCH cheaper, so sorry for your loss.”  Sarah S.

Member Price:  $16.75 Retail Price:  $22.04

Member Price: $16.75
Retail Price: $22.04

“OH!  I would be so horrified, so sorry!”  Tracie W.

“OH my GOODNESS, I’m SO very SORRY!  I totally GET it!!  I too have spilled freshly pumped breast milk AND left oils open ALL NIGHT LONG!”  Aurora I.

“OH!  I so understand!  Hubby accidentally drained about half a bottle of PanAway into our mattress one time.”  Erin M.

Member Price:   $74.50 Retail Price:  $98.03

Member Price: $74.50
Retail Price: $98.03

“I did that once and it was frankincense too.  I used the glass dropper I had and tried to suck up the oil from my office chair mat.  I was so upset.”  Stephanie B.

“I did this with Clarity.  A pretty expensive mistake, too.  I got as much of it as I could with a paper towel and put it in a covered glass container.  I use it now to inhale.”  Tiffany C.

Member Price:  $38.50 Retail Price:  $50.66

Member Price: $38.50
Retail Price: $50.66

“I once dropped a brand new bottle of thieves on my tile floor – that was bad enough!  I can’t imagine dropping Sacred Frank…. my condolences!”  Maureen M.

Member Price:  $33.75 Retail Price:  $44.41

Member Price: $33.75
Retail Price: $44.41

“I’m so sorry, my sister did the same thing last week and lost the whole bottle.  I’m so sorry.”  Pamela M.

“A full bottle of ledum in the recliner and a brand new Claraderm spray in the carpet over here!”  Erica J.

Member Price:  $62.75 Retail Price:  $82.57

Member Price: $62.75
Retail Price: $82.57

“I did this recently with Peace & Calming on my daughter’s dresser while getting her ready for bed. I frantically wiped it up with my hands and rubbed it all over my chest and back. Great part about Peace & Calming is that I was so relaxed after rubbing all that on me that I was no longer upset about it! LOL..  It’s so frustrating when that happens, especially with an expensive oil. I’m sorry.”  Gina A.

My own loss:  “Mine was Ylang Ylang, the whole bottle, granddaughter dumped it, and my kids cleaned it up AND THREW THE PAPER TOWELS AWAY so sad when that happens indeed!!  On the plus side, my house smelled fantastic for several days!”

Member Price:  $40.75 Retail Price:  $53.62

Member Price: $40.75
Retail Price: $53.62


“Soak it up with cotton balls and stick around the house or a wash cloth and smell it all day.”  Miranda R.

“Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe it up then put it in a bag in fridge, that should make it where you can at least inhale it each day for a few days. It might work. Also wipe it all over your body.”  Gloria D.

“Lay on the floor and ROLL in it!”  Barbara W.

“Sniff the floor for the next few weeks!, I feel your pain!”  Sharon H.

“Roll around in it and then charge people $15 to come and smell you!”  Marissa

“I’ve definitely thought about licking the floor before.”  Havalah M.

“Lie down in it!”  Terri W.

Totally reminds me of the scene in Cheaper by the Dozen where all the china is broken, and the mom asks….is everything broken?  Even the little tea cup with the flower on it?”

You just gotta let it go….. but I love the idea of trying to salvage from the loss… what are your ways of making the best of that bad situation?


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LIVE YOUR DREAM…. June 23-27, 2014

GET READY:      Following are some tips from a veteran conference-goer, whom is also my lovely friend, and upline PLATINUM Heather Brock.  She didn’t get where she is by being a slacker…..

TIPS for Convention and Farm day:


We are not there to shop, tour Salt Lake City, sleep, or eat…..

(However, at least SOME of those things are necessary……)

We ARE there to learn and mold ourselves into what it takes to share the oils we love and become what we need to achieve …..


Attend the sessions and don’t be tempted to stay in the Expo room smelling…..attend every session to help you build your check and you can OWN everything YL has to offer one day! 

-Attend the whole of Farm day!

Last year they had a giant tent sale in the am so bring cash for that should they do it again. They had t-shirts, bags, older promo items etc. Be sure to bring sun-block, water, cash, an extra charger for your phone (WELL worth the money!), a blanket, hat, backpack and a sweatshirt to put on as the sun goes down.

-There are not many eateries within walking distance of the Salt Palace so I highly suggest you bring easy snacks in your tote, purse or backpack. They will have the Young Living Cafe and last year there were plenty of healthy(ish) options from smoothies to pasta and salads.

-Dress in COMFY shoes (lots of walking as the Salt Palace is huge) and bring a cardigan or something to cover up if the rooms get chilly from the AC.

– Be in line EARLY for the opening sessions!

The break-out sessions are not as big a deal in terms of lines and seating. They said they will not allow seat saving so just grab a friend’s hand and go. Don’t attempt to keep together a group of 5 or 6.

-Be prepared to pay 10 dollars (about) a day in parking at the Salt Palace and parking garages near there. If you are carpooling be mindful to pitch in MORE if it is not your car. Honor the person putting wear and tear on their car, same goes for gas.

Participate in the tweeting and social media contests. I won a 15ml Peppermint last year, Carrie won an Everyday Oils set!

Mix up your class choices between product knowledge and business building. —If you have NO idea what to pick take your schedule and a pen to one of us (leaders who’ve been a few times) and we can give you some input.

Cheer on your downline!  —If you have downline members going make sure to connect with them and encourage them to soak it up!

Don’t be tempted to buy what you cannot afford. Do the math. For those of us at 20% ER points most of the product purchases may not be worth buying there. Unless it is a special convention offer, books where shipping would be a fortune etc, try not to break the bank just because it is EXCITING to be there.

Always do the math…”If I waited to buy this how much would I pay in the end?”

-That being said, come with some mad money.

-Stay positive, even if you get tired. When it is over you’ll wish you could rewind time!

-Watch the Diamonds and above, their dust trail is the path we follow.

-Watch your tongue. I am working on this one myself! Be mindful of the energy you bring to your room mates, class mates and our teams.

-Pray to right your heart about where you should be, what is possible and who you need to be to get EVERY second’s worth. You’ll be glad you did!

I probably forgot ten thousand things…. but this will get you started.

Heather Brock  (my most lovely friend, and upline PLATINUM!!!)


Some additional notes:

I found it incredibly hard to stay hydrated.  Dryness abounds there, so think…hydrate your body, your skin, your lips.  I wore Invisalign braces last year and they STUCK to the inside of my lips.  I could not DRINK enough water!  DONE WITH BRACES NOW!!  HALLALEUJAH!!!!  but I will still work hard to stay hydrated.

CAMERA… I regretted not taking my nice camera last year, and will be taking it this year.

BRING EXTRA SET OF CLOTHING IN YOUR CARRY-ON if you are flying, along with your toiletries/make-up….. last year my luggage was lost and I didn’t get it for a few DAYS… had to beg/borrow/steal…. just kidding, didn’t steal anything.  Did have to borrow and buy new though.

Be READY to learn, to be amazed, to laugh, to cry, to make new friends and build deeper friendships, to see your 2-dimentional Facebook faces turn into real live people.  Remember life is RELATIONSHIPS!!!

Hopefully you will find yourself more & more enthralled with the OILS and with the possibilities that Young Living can and does provide…..


If you see me there… PLEASE say “hi” and tell me you read my blog!  It will mean a LOT to me!!

Don’t forget……..”LIVE YOUR DREAM”……

 3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

Best essential oil party story ever…..

Went to do an oils party for a member of my downline.  I was doing the teaching, while she was using my zyto to scan everyone.  People would go one-at-a-time over to the table and get scanned and then rejoin the group.  This group was a LOT of fun!  We usually have mostly women at these events although sometimes a husband will turn up here and there.

As we talked and passed the oils around, we had several, “OH THAT is BAD!!! I don’t like IT at ALL!”…  okay, let’s get the “BLUE BOOK, AKA Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils“….. some tears when an emotion connected….TONS of laughter…. some “I LOVVVVVVE that one”…. and “yeah, that fits, alright!”

Then there was a late-comer that joined a little bit into the party.  He came with his wife when she got off work.  He was very leery of being there.  You could tell he was VERY uncomfortable and really wanted to leave.  He was eyeing the door and shifting his weight back and forth and had lots of nervous laughter and no eye contact.

He did agree to stay but refused to participate.  He was to my left and the one I handed each of the oils to, to be passed around.  He would not touch them, but would motion for me to hand it to his wife.  He just sat to the side and watched his wife apply the oils and would smell them on her…. for one, two, three, four oils…. then he starts taking the “hand-off” from me and holding the bottle smelling them….five, six oils…

THEN I passed the Stress Away and he’s dumping that one in his hand, saying “Oh…..I LOVVVVE this one”…

and he’s laughing along with us at the stories…..

Some people think StressAway smells like a Margarita due to the lime oil.  I LOVE it myself!  I’ve even heard of some people that love it in their drinking water.  I wouldn’t have thought to try this blend that way. It always makes me release the tension in my neck & shoulders within seconds of opening the bottle.

StressAway for everyday kit

THEN I get to the Peppermint and he asks, “will this help with congestion?”

me:  “well it supports the respiratory system”  he dumps it on and slaps his hands up to his face….

me:  BE CAREFUL OF YOUR EYES!!!!!…. he just sits there breathing it in, saying:

“THIS IS AWESOME, OH MY, I LOVE it!!!!!  Have you got this that I can take home?  I need a gallon bucket of it!!!”

We get to talking about some of the – “ahem” love-inducing oils and he says, “hey, I thought this was going to be an evening….. THIS IS AN ALL-NIGHTER  🙂  (the oils we talked about were Sensation, Amazonian Ylang Ylang and Hong Kuai)

So much laughter and comradery ……

In the end, as I’m leaving…. he says, “THIS WAS AWESOME!!!”

Oils parties, Not just for women…… Best oil party ever….

3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

Surviving “NO NAP”….. testimonial

From one of my NEW members:


“Cam didn’t nap today and was having a major meltdown.  (Cam is the older child, quite adorable even if she does have a mischievous twinkle to her eye, I can attest!  🙂  )

I didn’t have any Peace & Calming OR Lavender… I dug out some old J&J lavender wash from like 3 years ago…….

It smelled AWFUL!!!  Hurry up Friday so I can order more Peace & Calming!!!!”

Peace and Calming

*I asked her why she was waiting for Friday and she said, “PAYDAY”….  ahhhh yes, there IS that…. Knowing her to be VERY “crunchy” I then asked why she even HAD any J&J considering the toxicity.  She said she thought she had thrown it away and was looking for her Lavender castile soap but found that and……

“I was DESPERATE, so I thought I’d try it…….NOT!”

* told her she needed to GET RID of that “nasty-stuff”…. and she said….

“I already dumped the rest of the J&J and then I remembered….



*SCORE!!!  ….nice that the Premium enrollment kit also has some samples…. which you can either use or share.

Maybe they should make that kit in 15ml bottles, eh?

 Thanks for sharing your story, Mikala!!

3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

Fool-proof oils, even husbands cannot screw up

as per the statement of Eric Johnson, husband of Erica Johnson, both fellow Young Living members and he is also the founder of Diffuse Life Pendants, which Carla Hartley has affectionately dubbed “Pot Necklaces”.  I have one on right now, and I LOVE mine.  Here is a snapshot of two of my favorites:

1170802_10152182431753065_912036187_n so…back to the story, Eric says…. “These oils rock!  even husbands can’t screw it up too bad…..Small boy coughing and crying in bed…..Daddy opens ridiculously-overflowing-with-dark-bottles “medicine” cabinet….. and grabs LEMONGRASS……


and Eycalyptus globulus…..Eucalpytus globulus and then………..


THEN….put Lavender and globulus (Eucalyptus is what I think he means 🙂  ) on chest….boy no longer crying or coughing…..

JUST USE THEM!!!    It doesn’t have to be perfect or come from a book…..however, you SHOULD test on yourself first….in case it’s hot!!

1175669_10152206722098065_2121202291_n  thanks a bunch for the tips, Eric!!

3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

Emotional Release, Lavender and Healing


Oprah says, “Everybody’s got a story!”  True story!  Everybody’s got issues too.  If you don’t deal with life’s issues, you will wind up being one of the “walking wounded” –   someone who has been damaged or defeated psychologically or emotionally by their experiences in life.  If you harbor the emotions you will also wind up physically ill, maybe even die prematurely.

What is it that makes the difference between someone who rises ABOVE their circumstances and someone who is beaten down by them?  Gavin DeBecker, author of several best-seller books, and three-time presidential appointee and the nation’s best-known expert on the prediction and management of violence. writes about this issue in The Gift of Fear.  He shares how meeting with a group of recovering addicts graduating from a social program within one prison he was asked to discuss with them his own experience of growing up.  He shared, “Before I was thirteen, I saw a man shot, I saw another beaten and kicked to unconsciousness, I saw a friend struck near lethally in the face and head with a steel rod, I saw my mother become a heroin addict, I saw my sister beaten, and I was myself a veteran of beatings that had been going on for more than half my life.”  They wanted to know what made the difference between him being on the OUTSIDE of the prison, and them being on the INSIDE.  He credits his 5th grade teacher with having invested in him and making him feel worthwhile…giving him the connection to self-worth.

I would also add that it had to be more something WITHIN him.  He had to embrace an attitude of forgiveness.  He had to work through the emotions of what had happened to him.

Following is the testimony of a very dear friend of mine, after she participated in an Emotional Release session as taught by CARE, facilitated by our dear friend, Heather Brock.

73216_4948005067907_2004436427_n“I have never liked lavender, but have tried to since it seems to be a favorite of midwives. When I got to Carla Hartley’s house last Wednesday, (for an oils training workshop) she was so lovely to diffuse a generous amount in my room. I couldn’t breathe! My chest felt so heavy. 2 days later, I learned that it is associated with abandonment issues. Explains a lot.

God used the Emotional Release class that Friday to go deep down into these emotional wounds and bring about great healing. And now I don’t hate lavender anymore!”

(*  Note:  For more information on which oils are associated with which emotions, see:  Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, by Carolyn Mein.  Your appreciation of pure therapeutic grade essential oils will change depending on the emotional issues you are dealing with……or NOT dealing with!  If you ever do NOT LIKE an oil, it’s probably an emotional issue.)

You may think that is pretty insignificant, but it is JUST SO NOT EVEN A LITTLE INSIGNIFICANT  if you know her story.  Terri is a very dear woman, a believer in Jesus, a fellow AAMI student, a Trust Birth conference speaker, founder of Birth Freedom Network.

Here is her story:

“I am writing this and making it public because even today, we talk about babies in the womb and abortion as philosophical concepts. But they are PEOPLE. They can’t tell you that. Aborted “fetuses” cannot speak to you and tell you what they feel and know. But I can. I remember. And I speak for the millions of babies whose lives are violently torn from them, in the name of choice.

I am Terri, and I am an abortion survivor.

I remember. Babies who are aborted feel pain. I don’t give a flying flip when the politicians have determined that a baby is “pain capable.” That is baloney. Babies know. Babies feel. No matter WHEN the abortion happens, they know. And they feel. I remember conception. I remember the abortion. I remember rejecting my mother long before I was ever born, and that memory happened before I knew my story. I didn’t know why I had rejected her, but now that is painfully obvious. I don’t hate her. I do forgive her. I am sad for the pain she must have been in to make such a decision. But know this. Her pain does not remotely compare to the pain my twin felt when she was aborted, nor to the pain I felt when she was violently ripped from me. Not even close. It came unbidden, out of nowhere.  I drove home from work, and my sister’s song “Separate Ways” by Journey played. I reflected on her leaving as she was aborted. “If you must go, I wish you love. You’ll never walk alone. Take care, my love. Miss you love. Someday love will find you; break those chains that bind you. One night will remind you how we touched and went our separate ways.”  But I’ve listened to this a hundred times before and thought of her. Tonight was very different.  The full force of the memory of the abortion slammed me out of nowhere, with a furious intensity that even I had never experienced before. I remembered. I remembered her literally being sucked away from me. My reaching for her. She had shoved me, kicked me out of the way just before, and we were being ripped apart from each other, with a violence that no human should ever have to experience.  We were tiny babies. But we knew each other.  And we loved each other.  It’s like she was part of me.  And the “boo” (I used to cry out as a baby in fear of “the boo.” Now I know what it was.) the boo came and sucked her away. But she didn’t die immediately. She felt it. She KNEW what was happening to her. And I did too. And I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t save her. I screamed. She screamed. Terror. Anguish. Pain.  And then quiet. She was gone. And I was alone. Where once had been two was only me. And God quieted me with His love. I had to be invisible. So she wouldn’t know I was still there yet.

Someone commented recently, “So the silent scream is real?” Yes. It is. I felt it tonight as the memory came back with the most violent intensity I have ever experienced, and every cell of my body screamed NOOOOOOOOO!   As I drove, I screamed with everything within me – Noooo, noooo, nooooo, nooooo! Tears streamed down my face clouding my view as sobs racked my body. I am not sure how I stayed on the road. 

The memories of losing my sister are so vivid and real. It is the deepest, most gut-level grief I have ever experienced.”



Poem my daughter wrote for me – from my aborted twin sister’s perspective

by Angel LaPoint on Friday, August 24, 2012 at 12:58pm ·

“Those of us who write anything: poems, songs, stories, know that sometimes God wants us to write something specific. No matter what time it is. I got this at around 3 am. It is a poem from my mother’s twin sister to my mother. For those of you who don’t know, my mother found out at the beginning of this year that her mother tried to abort her, and succeeded in aborting her twin sister. This poem is from God and my aunt but it was written down by me. There is no way I could have written this on my own.”

My Love, My Life, My Sister

I could have changed the world. I know I would have changed yours.

I could have been a singer, a dancer, an actress.

I could have simply been a mother, a sister, a wife.

I could have been anything I wanted; but I never got the chance.

My life was taken from me before I had the chance to live it; but you survived.

I knew I was going to die, even though I didn’t want to.

I knew I had a choice to save you or to take you with me.

I pushed you out of the way, to safety, to God’s arms.

Our mother took my life; I couldn’t let her take yours.

One of us had to live to fulfill all God has planned.

My choice was made for me, you can still make yours.

Go my love, my sister, my twin; go and live the life you choose to live.

The life I never got.

I will always be with you, watching you, happy.

We will meet again, someday, and when that day comes, nothing and no one can separate us.

 303801_3217913907122_584001521_n (1)

(*My comments:  You may have trouble believing someone could remember being in the womb, but there is quite a bit of evidence available to collaborate what Terri speaks about.  I’ve personally talked to several people who have memories pre-birth.  That is a subject for another day, or perhaps a rabbit trail for you.)

You may be familiar with the name Gianna Jessen, she herself an abortion survivor, speaker and singer who has shares her story publicly.  The recent movie, October Baby depicts the story of a young woman when she discovers she was adopted along with the additional information that her birth mother had tried to abort her.  It delves into the issue of post-abortion syndrome, touches on Gianna’s story and features some of her music.

468364_3508693646021_1385837183_o Terri with Gianna at the Red Carpet Screening of October Baby in her home state, AL.

More from Terri:  “The more I learn about post-abortion syndrome, the more I realize that my mother’s behavior through the years is NOT a mystery. Nobody has ever been able to really figure her out, and I’ve heard everything from schizophrenia to bi-polar, but the closest I could ever figure out was borderline personality disorder. But now I finally know that her behavior is actually quite predictable and expected for someone who has had abortions. Her responses to me, whom she thought she had aborted, are very normal for someone in her place. It makes it so much easier for me to forgive her and have compassion on her. It makes sense now. I cannot imagine what she has been through. And I realize that there are millions of women going through this on some level. I know it affects different people differently. The myth is that an abortion “takes care” of the problem. The reality is that the problems just get started with abortion. First of all, there are the possible PHYSICAL dangers, which are all too common: perforated uterus, nicked bowel, hemorrhage, etc. If she ends up going to the emergency room later, it isn’t connected in the medical records to the abortion. I have friends who are ER nurses in various parts of the country who see the fallout of botched abortions all the time. Then, of course, there is the devastation to the baby, usually death.

But now I have learned that there are over 44 THOUSAND abortion survivors in the US alone! For us, there are emotional consequences that have haunted us all our lives, even though many of us had no clue about the origin of these things.

On some level, there are memories and long-lasting psychological ramifications. And finally, there are the devastating psychological ramifications for the mother. She may not acknowledge them, or they may not surface for some time. She may formulate an alternate reality in order to cope. But nobody tells her before the “procedure” of the risks of long-term psychological damage, including depression, or personality disorders. I know I had no clue.

How MANY of the women walking around us every day are haunted by the memory of abortion, and how many men? We have become a generation of the walking wounded.

I am reminded of this passage in Isaiah 42:22 – 23 (from the chapter that the Lord had me read every single day for more than a month years ago – now I know why) –

22 But this is a people plundered and looted,    all of them trapped in pits    or hidden away in prisons. They have become plunder,    with no one to rescue them; they have been made loot,    with no one to say, “Send them back.” (Lit. “restore” in Hebrew) 23 Which of you will listen to this    or pay close attention in time to come? 

**  My comments:  If this story hits home for you, you CAN overcome, there IS HOPE.  Terri embraced forgiveness early in her journey and you can do it now.  The oils are incredibly helpful in moving through with painful emotions, past and present.

Terri LaPoint - Lavender

Terri, you know I love you.  Thank you for sharing your story.  Thank you for speaking out.  Blessings to you.

3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

Some sources used:

Calming for Pet(s)

Our cat Bootsie. She’s a fur ball of energy. We have spent a lot of money on trying to find a way to help her with her anxiety, sudden bursts of attack, biting and constant running through the house.

Nothing has worked.

Well yesterday I received my first shipment from Young Living. After inserting the roller on Peace & Calm I decided to rub my hands all over my cat since she was in one of her moods and then I left her alone.

When I noticed that our house was a tidly bit too quiet, I peeked into the dining room and found her like this. She was finally relaxed. OMG!!!


So I added a few drops to distilled water and put in a glass spray bottle. I’m happy to report that we’ve had no sudden drop-kick attacks and biting in the past 24 hours. YAY!!  Testimony from YLEO distributor Maggie Murington.

Peace and Calming

Following is a video clip of a woodchuck being calmed with Peace & Calming.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Some good sources for info about essential oils with pets:

Zyto scan & “Not” Rose oil – Personal Testimony

Building my Young Living network is a personal journey as well as a business.  I purchased a Zyto scanner to help people choose which oils and supplements they want to order and try.  See here  for description.  But you know how it is with “toys” right?  You want to play with them yourself.  So I did.  A lot.  I’ve scanned a LOT of people.  One of my friends calls it “shrink in a box” because one of HER friends opened up and shared some very personal things with me right after scanning him.  She was very sure that I already knew him.  I didn’t.  I don’t think I’ve had a single person who disagreed with what the zyto suggests especially after looking at the emotional connection to the oils suggested.

The book, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, by Carolyn Mein is a great resource for discovering the emotional root of why you don’t like particular oils.  We’ve affectionately nicknamed it “the BLUE book”.   I have it on hand for when I want to know what oil to use for different emotions. Before I got the zyto scanner, much of my decision making was based on physical issues or smell.  In other words, I started collecting oils I knew were good for breathing issues, cuts, burns, scrapes, bug bites, sore throats, upset stomach…replacing the pharmaceutical medicine cabinet and purchasing what I wanted to make recipes for personal care products.  If I didn’t like the smell of an oil, then I’d look up the emotional connection and ask myself, does that resonate?  At that point, I either attempt to do the personal work, or put it on a back burner for a later date  🙂    Most illness has emotional or spiritual root(s). Some sources say as much as 90% of illness has an emotional root.

According to WellnessWatchersMD,  “99% of the people who die of cancer (as well as heart disease) suffer from chronic, serious depression, anger or a combination of both emotions.”  If you don’t deal with those roots then no physical medication is going to help you either.  It may mask symptoms but it will erupt in other ways until you deal with it.  If you harbor anger you will get stomach upset….which leads to ulcers.  Or maybe instead your blood pressure will go up, and it will cause your pulse to increase, your face flushes, your head pounds…. you may eventually have a stroke from the pressure.  Or maybe you will break out in hives and no source will be found.  There are any number of physical ways our body responds to anger.  That is one reason the scripture says not to let the sun go down upon your wrath.

According to Dr. David Stewart, in the Chemistry of Essential Oils and also in Healing Oils of the Bible, our five senses are not wired the same.  Our four senses:  seeing, hearing, tasting, touch are hardwired to the frontal lobes of our brain, our conscious rational mind. brain But our sense of smell is not the same.  It is instead wired under THAT part of the brain to a piece of the brain under the cerebrum, over the roof of the mouth, which is our emotional brain, part of the limbic system.  This part of the brain catalogs all memories of traumatic experiences.  It holds emotional issues that are unresolved, bitterness and unforgiveness.  Most of the time, we will forget traumatic experiences consciously.  However, our emotional brain does NOT forget, instead it keeps an emotional record.  If we continue to harbor these negative feelings, it will make us sick.  That eventually results in disease.  Our emotional brain doesn’t understand words or language.  It does understand fragrances.  The sense of smell is attached to the limbic system. Essential oils go directly into the limbic brain.  When you inhale a fragrance it directly affects the emotional switchboard of the brain, the amagdala.  Use of essential oils can help you get to the emotional roots of disease. “If you can get to the feelings that initiated disease, you can eliminate that disease.” says Dr. Stewart.

I’ve been studying the frequency of oils and how they resonate with particular body systems and cells.  Certain oils have the same frequency and will resonate with certain cells in the body.  The oil frequency is attracted by a like-frequency within the body.  Lower oil frequencies become a sponge for negative energy.  The frequency is what stays in the body to maintain the longer-lasting effects of the oil.  One thing that stood out to me is:   “The lower frequency oils can make physical changes in the body, middle frequencies can make emotional changes in the body and high frequencies can make spiritual changes in the body.    The frequency of the human body averages between 62 and 68 Megahertz.  Spiritual frequencies range from 92-360 MHz.”   (Higley’s Reference Guide for Essential Oils 12th edition, pg 276)

So all of that is the set-up for my story.

Rose Oil

I scanned for Rose oil one day.  Alone.  As in the ONLY OIL or product that my body needed.  The way the zyto works is it reads the most pressing issue the body is facing and identifies which products will help meet those needs.  Apparently my body was identifying the need to do some work.

Rose JUST SO HAPPENS to be the HIGHEST frequency oil at 320 MHz.  Not only that, but it is the MOST EXPENSIVE oil at $185 for 5ml for Young Living distributors.  THAT is the WHOLESALE price.  I’m not saying it is not worth it, just that OUCH! that’s a “lotta moola”.  Because I had done a CARE training, I had experienced the aroma of the Rose oil, and well, okay, I’ll just say it….did NOT like it, even a little.  So scanning for an oil that will cost you a LOT of $$ when you KNOW you do NOT like said oil….well, you don’t WANT to purchase it.  So since I know it is the most expensive oil, and it the highest frequency oil…which means SPIRITUAL issue…and I know I don’t LIKE it, so I go to the “the BLUE book” and the emotions listed for Rose oil are “disintegrated and fear of intimacy”.

I had very recently been living through a the loss of very close friendship.  I was both grieving it and feeling betrayed. The situation had been going on a very long time, around a year. If you know women and friendships, especially ones where you talk multiple times daily, you KNOW that is a LONG time.

One thing I think it is important to point out is that the FEELINGS/EMOTIONS I was experiencing were from my PERCEPTION of what happened.  Whether the thing actually happened the way I think it did or not doesn’t matter and is not important, what IS important is that it was my PERCEPTION that was causing me to harbor bitterness.  If you THINK someone dies you will go through the intense work of grief whether or not the person actually did die.  The recent story of the two young women who were accidentally misidentified after a tragic car accident tells the story of what the families and friends of the women went through during the one survivor’s recovery and the one that had been identified as the survivor, who had in fact died, and their book details the emotions experienced by both families. 

My emotions were so volatile to the point I could not even SEE  my estranged friend or hear her name without feeling angst.  I hated that I felt that way, but couldn’t figure out how to get through it.  I know that Scripture requires that we “forgive our offenders” or God won’t forgive us, and that He won’t hear our prayers if we don’t forgive, so I really WANTED to forgive her.  (If you’re hoping for details here they are:  I perceived she was wrong and she perceived I was wrong…and I’m going to venture that we were both wrong at least partly…you know what they say….each person has their own rendition of the story..and then there is the RIGHT or TRUE or ACCURATE rendition.)

I just know I wanted freedom from the prison of bad feelings.  I was certainly “disintegrated” at heart.  I knew I needed to forgive, but as I lamented to my husband…I just didn’t know HOW.

He and I have an ongoing battle over groceries.  He has a sweet tooth and a weakness for snacking, I try very hard to eliminate those foods.  It is an issue because when they’re in the house because not only does he eat them, but so do the children and so do I.  I will eat it if it’s in the house.  So one evening he is home and I find something in the cabinet.  I’m asking him, “what is this?”  He says, “I’m TRYING to do better!”  I become just ENRAGED….I reply, “What do you MEAN you are TRYING to do better?  You don’t TRY to do it, you either DO buy junk or you do NOT buy junk…you don’t stand there wrestling with it and it jumps up into the grocery cart, you lift it up and put it in the cart….you either DO it….or you do NOT do it….there is no TRYING! You TRY to shoot at a target, you don’t TRY not to buy junk.”  Let’s just say that we did not settle that argument that night.

So as I’m reading scripture wanting to figure out how to FORGIVE my friend, I hear my own voice in my head during my recent discussion with my husband…”you don’t TRY…you either DO it or you do NOT do it.”  It dawned on me:   we are commanded in Scripture to forgive.  It is not a request, it is not a suggestion something you CAN do if you want to, it is not a feeling.  We are NOT commanded to FEEL forgiveness…we are just told to DO it.  It is an act of the will.  It is a verb.

I believe that God always honors the direction we’re headed, not ever expecting us to arrive fully.  So I started praying…”OKAY, ALRIGHT…I will take You at Your Word, I DO forgive and I DO…I will wait for the feelings to catch up.”

I didn’t have Rose oil so I looked at which blends may have it in them.  It is found in 14 different Young Living products.  I had three of them and their names really resonated.  The three I had were:  Forgiveness, Humility,  & Joy. (Sense of humor, no?)


Ingredients: Melissa, geranium, frankincense, rosewood, sandalwood, angelica, lavender, lemon, jasmine, Roman chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang, palmarosa, helichrysum, and rose in base of sesame seed oil.  Use for:  Emotional Release, Emotional Support and Energy Balance

I purposed to slather myself in them as I said over & over & over the “way out statement” from “the blue book”  ….  I am whole and I did forgive.  I did this over several days all day long every time I thought about it.  I slathered forgiveness over my heart, and Humility over my belly and Joy all over my neck/hair/shoulders.  If I had the thoughts that included the “angst” I denied that and said, NO, I have forgiven already.  I wasn’t sure when the emotions would follow, but I trusted that they would.  Days would go by and I would wonder, did it work?  is it done?

Just recently after coming home from the Young Living Convention, a couple of months after “my spiritual work”…. I was looking for people to come and listen to my “Why Young Living” presentation.  My estranged friend responded she would listen.  The very “funny” thing is that she was always against Young Living oils and we had many “little arguments” over whether it is better quality or overpriced, usually public so I was very surprised she wanted and would be willing to listen.

My initial reaction was both surprise and WOW!  OH AWESOME!!  I would LOVE THAT!!…not a hint of “angst”.  As the time neared for our appointment, I did experience some anxiety….WHAT IF…. it was awkward, full of arguing, ugly….but WHAT IF….it wasn’t?  I used a lot of Valor for courage and Joy for hope during the days leading up to it.

She got to my home and I welcomed her in and there was nothing but excitement and it seemed on the surface as if nothing had ever come between us.  She respectfully listened to me, we discussed oil differences, even compared some of her favorite oils.  That led to our personal issues and the over-riding fact that we both missed our friendship.  What should have been an hour visit, three hours later ended with hugs and tears and the ability for me to tentatively reach out for reconnection.  She graciously responded with acceptance.

I fully believe that if I had not paid attention when my body scanned for Rose oil, I would not have done the work necessary to forgive.  We may have lived forever in estrangement and my body would have suffered from the effects of unforgiveness and bitterness.

What about you?  Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive?  Reach out and do it before you suffer the ill-effects.

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