Educational Resources

Reference Materials:

  • First of all, familiarize yourself with your virtual office on the YL website.  There are a wide variety of educational materials there under Distributor Resources.  There are videos, pdfs, charts, postcards and flyers, most everything is downloadable and great for both your own education and for sharing with others.  If you have any questions about the compensation plan or policies and procedures, your Virtual Office is the first place you should look.  The official logo that distributors are permitted to use in their marketing materials can be accessed there as well.
  • Essential Oils Desk Reference ,** currently on the 6th edition – There is also a newer one that came out for Convention that is a little more condensed from the 5th edition and is spiral bound.  THE 5th edition is a 3 ring binder format and the 6th changed to a spiral bound edition just like the Convention edition from 2013.  This is my favorite resource of Young Living products.  There is also a condensed pocket-sized version which is spiral bound and much easier to carry around than the BIG one.  This book covers each product from Young Living, not only essential oils but also nutritional supplements and personal care products that were available at its printing date.  Not only does this resource cover the products but it also has a pet’s section for use of the products in pets, and a section covering Personal Usage, which lists many different conditions and the best oils and oil combinations for that particular issue.  This book gives application and usage directions as well.  This is published by Life Science Publishing and is available there, and many times you can find it on Amazon or even ebay.  I’m on the lookout for the 3rd edition….so if YOU SEE it anywhere, please let me know!! This book has a very handy Body Systems Chart appendix and a section including research. Full-sized resource, pocket size and online versions available.   Also available: or 1-800-336-6308 or
  • Reference Guide for Essential Oils,** by Connie and Alan Higley, currently in the 12th edition.  This resource also has the individual products listed and also a section called “personal guide” for looking up conditions/which oils are recommended for use.  This book also has Body Systems Chart and a nice Summary info chart.  Higley also has a Quick Reference guide which is a condensed version of the Reference Guide.

** I like BOTH of these books (The EODR and the Reference Guide), but if I HAD HAD HAD to choose one, I’d choose the Essential Oils Desk Reference.  I still like the 5th edition for the 3 Ring Binder and I can remove pages for copying/adding my own notes.  The 6th edition, being smaller and spiral bound is easier to use for on-the-road.

  • Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils, for knowing which oils to use for a variety of health concerns, small, spiral bound, easy to use, does NOT have section to look up by oil, only by health concerns ….. very easy and inexpensive for the new oil-user to get started with.
  • Healing Oils of the Bible,  by David Stewart (both a pastor and an Aromatherapist) Discusses essential oils throughout Scripture and the significance of plants, herbs, oils, and specific oils, anointing with oils, Biblical healing.  Also available:
  • Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, by Carolyn Mein, DC is another MUST HAVE resource.  This book is indispensible for using the oils to determine which emotions are causing you physical problems, emotional problems and spiritual problems.  You can look up either the emotion and which oils are best for helping you to release them, or by the oil and which emotions THEY help with.  This is the GO-TO for what the issue could be if you don’t LIKE a particular oil… so say you don’t like Lavender, you would look up the oil, see which emotions are associated with it (Abandonment, Criticism, Fear of Ufoldment) and then you would look at the Alarm Point and where it’s located (there are charts for ease of finding) and depending on which emotion resonated with you, there is the “Other side” of the emotion and “way-out” statements.  Sometimes because of my Biblical Christian outlook, I may instead look up a Scripture reference to use as my way out.  There is also a section in the front of the book detailing how to clear out emotional patterns and a section in the back of the book with a description of muscle testing.  This book is available on Amazon, and Alibris.
  • Healing Oils, Healing Hands,  Linda Smith – Discovering the Power of prayer, hands on healing and anointing, Basics about healing oils from biblical history to modern-day hands-on healing techniques.
  • Saving Face, by Sabina DeVita – many recipes for personal care products
  • The Healing Power of Water, Masaru Emoto – while not specifically about essential oils, is about vibration and the power of thoughts/words
  • Healthier Thymes, Smartphone app
  • My Young Living, Smartphone app
  • Nutrition 101: Choose Life!, Debra Raybern, Sera Johnson, Laura Hopkins, Karen Hopkins – Learn the 12 body systems and how food and supplements can support optimum health or not. Written for home school families but used by all families wanting to have more energy, focus, health and wellness. Suggested supplements focus on Young Living products.  Also available at:

Those are my favorite go-to’s for use and determining which product to use for which issues and for ease of understanding and learning more about the use of essential oils.

For the more serious student and for a more formal education consider:

  • A CARE workshop from Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, CARE training.  Care is a nonsecular education organization dedicated to assembling research and teaching on the healing properties and therapeutic applications of essential oils.  The workshop(s) include:   Chemistry of Essential Oils, Vitaflex technique, Raindrop Technique, Bible Oils, and Emotional Release.  You may look on the website for CARE instructors and/or the next workshop(s) available.  I am working towards becoming a CARE certified instructor and can personally vouch for the excellent quality of information and instruction and instructors.
  • The Body Electric:  Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, Becker and Selden – about the body’s bioelectric nature and vibration, Robert Becker, pioneer in field of regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in living things, challenges the mechanistic understanding of the body.  Explores new pathways in our understanding.
  • Clinical Aromatherapy, by Jane Buckle  Written by a nurse, this clinical text highlights how aromatherapy can enhance care and the role health care professionals play i its practice.  Examines key facts and issues in aromatherapy practice.  Very holistic approach to dealing with patients.
  • Animal Desk Reference, by Melissa Shelton, DVM  First ever desk reference for the use of essential oils in animals, includes safety, specific oils, and how-to information  MUST HAVE for all pet owners planning to use essential oils with their pets.
  •  Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy (Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy Program…recommended by David Stewart)
  • Medical Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt – This resource, written by an organic chemist is in depth about particular the value of essential oils, for health on all levels. This presents a self-care method with roots going back to ancient times. Dr. Schaubelt has a gift for presenting facts and information in a very easily understood manner. This resource is invaluable for those truly interested in taking responsibility for their own health.

3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”

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