Why Young Living Over other Brands?

When asked this question, “What makes Young Living essential oils better than the others?”  it would really take me a couple of hours to SAY all the reasons why.

Some of the most important:

  • Intent of the company
  • Integrity of the company
  • Integrity of my upline
  • Assistance from my upline both in product information and business building
  • Relationships within the company
  • Spirit of cooperation and non-competitiveness
  • Bottom line:  THEY WORK

The other thing that completely solidified my belief (which was already pretty solid just from my experience) was my visit to the Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah, during the 2013 Convention.  Following are some of the slides I put together for my “why Young Living” presentation.

Slide 1 Quality not negotiable

This picture was taken inside the facility where the oil is separated from the water and is apparent in all the different phases of distillation.

Slide 2 Looking out over crop

Not quite ready for harvest, but soon!

Slide 3 Distributors always welcome

Are there any other companies that invite their customers to tour their facilities?  There may be, I just don’t know of any.

Slide 4 Lavender on the farm

(Now go get your bottle of Lavender oil and inhale deeply…..yep, it was just like that!)

Slide 5 Seed to Seal process

Young Living is involved from the time the seed is selected throughout the whole process of growing, harvesting, distilling, testing, bottling and distributing.  They have the intention of quality and HEALING not just perfume or quantity.

Slide 6 Plant material ready for distillation

Slide 7 Where the plant material goes

Slide 8 Looking into the room where the oil is projected

Slide 9 Oil separated from water

(Going out on a personal limb here including a pic of me with my eyes closed, but it was just so incredible to BE RIGHT THERE and SEE the oil mixture being made ready.)

Slide 10 Testing every batch

Rather than me trying to explain the testing, look here for the description of testing from the Young Living Website.

Slide 11 Bottling and Labeling

Slide 12 Reasons

Just a sampling of snapshots from the Convention…. the scientists teaching, my friends and I learning and having fun.  🙂

Slide 13 Is there another


Regarding the Organic Standard at YL

** Updated 9.14 to show the video review …. Young Living is experiencing unprecedented growth .. because there isn’t a comparable company, there isn’t a comparable product available .. isn’t it time YOU get on board?

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