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No use crying over spilled milk …… or spilled oil either?

True or NOT true?

Well, whomever it was that made up that saying never was a breastfeeding mother.  For if she WAS, then she would KNOW what it takes to package that liquid gold and how very precious and life-giving it is.  Many a mother I know HAS cried if she spilled her pumped breast milk.

Liquid Gold  Photo credit:  Bing

Liquid Gold
Photo credit: Bing

Not long ago in one of my “oily groups” one of my downline posted this line:

“I just spilled half a bottle of sacred frankincense on the floor. I forgot I took the dropper cap out and turned it right over onto the floor. I’m going to lay in bed and cry the rest of the evening! This might be worse than the time I spilled 6 oz of freshly pumped breast milk!”   from Katie K.

Member Price $89.75 Retail Price  $118.09

Member Price $89.75
Retail Price $118.09

If you’ve ever been a breastfeeding mother or the partner of a breastfeeding mother then you totally understand the comparison.  That stuff is like liquid gold, I kid you not!  It was no surprise, then, when there came a lot of commiserating with the following comments:

“Did this with Grapefruit two weeks ago.  On the plus side, grapefruit is MUCH cheaper, so sorry for your loss.”  Sarah S.

Member Price:  $16.75 Retail Price:  $22.04

Member Price: $16.75
Retail Price: $22.04

“OH!  I would be so horrified, so sorry!”  Tracie W.

“OH my GOODNESS, I’m SO very SORRY!  I totally GET it!!  I too have spilled freshly pumped breast milk AND left oils open ALL NIGHT LONG!”  Aurora I.

“OH!  I so understand!  Hubby accidentally drained about half a bottle of PanAway into our mattress one time.”  Erin M.

Member Price:   $74.50 Retail Price:  $98.03

Member Price: $74.50
Retail Price: $98.03

“I did that once and it was frankincense too.  I used the glass dropper I had and tried to suck up the oil from my office chair mat.  I was so upset.”  Stephanie B.

“I did this with Clarity.  A pretty expensive mistake, too.  I got as much of it as I could with a paper towel and put it in a covered glass container.  I use it now to inhale.”  Tiffany C.

Member Price:  $38.50 Retail Price:  $50.66

Member Price: $38.50
Retail Price: $50.66

“I once dropped a brand new bottle of thieves on my tile floor – that was bad enough!  I can’t imagine dropping Sacred Frank…. my condolences!”  Maureen M.

Member Price:  $33.75 Retail Price:  $44.41

Member Price: $33.75
Retail Price: $44.41

“I’m so sorry, my sister did the same thing last week and lost the whole bottle.  I’m so sorry.”  Pamela M.

“A full bottle of ledum in the recliner and a brand new Claraderm spray in the carpet over here!”  Erica J.

Member Price:  $62.75 Retail Price:  $82.57

Member Price: $62.75
Retail Price: $82.57

“I did this recently with Peace & Calming on my daughter’s dresser while getting her ready for bed. I frantically wiped it up with my hands and rubbed it all over my chest and back. Great part about Peace & Calming is that I was so relaxed after rubbing all that on me that I was no longer upset about it! LOL..  It’s so frustrating when that happens, especially with an expensive oil. I’m sorry.”  Gina A.

My own loss:  “Mine was Ylang Ylang, the whole bottle, granddaughter dumped it, and my kids cleaned it up AND THREW THE PAPER TOWELS AWAY so sad when that happens indeed!!  On the plus side, my house smelled fantastic for several days!”

Member Price:  $40.75 Retail Price:  $53.62

Member Price: $40.75
Retail Price: $53.62


“Soak it up with cotton balls and stick around the house or a wash cloth and smell it all day.”  Miranda R.

“Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe it up then put it in a bag in fridge, that should make it where you can at least inhale it each day for a few days. It might work. Also wipe it all over your body.”  Gloria D.

“Lay on the floor and ROLL in it!”  Barbara W.

“Sniff the floor for the next few weeks!, I feel your pain!”  Sharon H.

“Roll around in it and then charge people $15 to come and smell you!”  Marissa

“I’ve definitely thought about licking the floor before.”  Havalah M.

“Lie down in it!”  Terri W.

Totally reminds me of the scene in Cheaper by the Dozen where all the china is broken, and the mom asks….is everything broken?  Even the little tea cup with the flower on it?”

You just gotta let it go….. but I love the idea of trying to salvage from the loss… what are your ways of making the best of that bad situation?


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