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LIVE YOUR DREAM…. June 23-27, 2014

GET READY:      Following are some tips from a veteran conference-goer, whom is also my lovely friend, and upline PLATINUM Heather Brock.  She didn’t get where she is by being a slacker…..

TIPS for Convention and Farm day:


We are not there to shop, tour Salt Lake City, sleep, or eat…..

(However, at least SOME of those things are necessary……)

We ARE there to learn and mold ourselves into what it takes to share the oils we love and become what we need to achieve …..


Attend the sessions and don’t be tempted to stay in the Expo room smelling…..attend every session to help you build your check and you can OWN everything YL has to offer one day! 

-Attend the whole of Farm day!

Last year they had a giant tent sale in the am so bring cash for that should they do it again. They had t-shirts, bags, older promo items etc. Be sure to bring sun-block, water, cash, an extra charger for your phone (WELL worth the money!), a blanket, hat, backpack and a sweatshirt to put on as the sun goes down.

-There are not many eateries within walking distance of the Salt Palace so I highly suggest you bring easy snacks in your tote, purse or backpack. They will have the Young Living Cafe and last year there were plenty of healthy(ish) options from smoothies to pasta and salads.

-Dress in COMFY shoes (lots of walking as the Salt Palace is huge) and bring a cardigan or something to cover up if the rooms get chilly from the AC.

– Be in line EARLY for the opening sessions!

The break-out sessions are not as big a deal in terms of lines and seating. They said they will not allow seat saving so just grab a friend’s hand and go. Don’t attempt to keep together a group of 5 or 6.

-Be prepared to pay 10 dollars (about) a day in parking at the Salt Palace and parking garages near there. If you are carpooling be mindful to pitch in MORE if it is not your car. Honor the person putting wear and tear on their car, same goes for gas.

Participate in the tweeting and social media contests. I won a 15ml Peppermint last year, Carrie won an Everyday Oils set!

Mix up your class choices between product knowledge and business building. —If you have NO idea what to pick take your schedule and a pen to one of us (leaders who’ve been a few times) and we can give you some input.

Cheer on your downline!  —If you have downline members going make sure to connect with them and encourage them to soak it up!

Don’t be tempted to buy what you cannot afford. Do the math. For those of us at 20% ER points most of the product purchases may not be worth buying there. Unless it is a special convention offer, books where shipping would be a fortune etc, try not to break the bank just because it is EXCITING to be there.

Always do the math…”If I waited to buy this how much would I pay in the end?”

-That being said, come with some mad money.

-Stay positive, even if you get tired. When it is over you’ll wish you could rewind time!

-Watch the Diamonds and above, their dust trail is the path we follow.

-Watch your tongue. I am working on this one myself! Be mindful of the energy you bring to your room mates, class mates and our teams.

-Pray to right your heart about where you should be, what is possible and who you need to be to get EVERY second’s worth. You’ll be glad you did!

I probably forgot ten thousand things…. but this will get you started.

Heather Brock  (my most lovely friend, and upline PLATINUM!!!)


Some additional notes:

I found it incredibly hard to stay hydrated.  Dryness abounds there, so think…hydrate your body, your skin, your lips.  I wore Invisalign braces last year and they STUCK to the inside of my lips.  I could not DRINK enough water!  DONE WITH BRACES NOW!!  HALLALEUJAH!!!!  but I will still work hard to stay hydrated.

CAMERA… I regretted not taking my nice camera last year, and will be taking it this year.

BRING EXTRA SET OF CLOTHING IN YOUR CARRY-ON if you are flying, along with your toiletries/make-up….. last year my luggage was lost and I didn’t get it for a few DAYS… had to beg/borrow/steal…. just kidding, didn’t steal anything.  Did have to borrow and buy new though.

Be READY to learn, to be amazed, to laugh, to cry, to make new friends and build deeper friendships, to see your 2-dimentional Facebook faces turn into real live people.  Remember life is RELATIONSHIPS!!!

Hopefully you will find yourself more & more enthralled with the OILS and with the possibilities that Young Living can and does provide…..


If you see me there… PLEASE say “hi” and tell me you read my blog!  It will mean a LOT to me!!

Don’t forget……..”LIVE YOUR DREAM”……

 3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”