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Urban Zen…. and Young Living Essential Oils

What is Urban Zen?

Urban Zen Foundation was born when the fashion designer, Donna Karan, listened to the Dalai Lama speaking about preserving the historical and cultural richness of his homeland.  It sparked a fire within her that compelled her to share both the wisdom and compassion she had felt listening to him.  She became determined to raise awareness and inspire change.  When her late husband, Stephen Weiss, became ill with lung cancer they needed a way to deal with the illness in a complementary way that supported not only dealing with the disease itself, but him as an individual and themselves as a family. You can hear her describe the beginning here.   When considering well-being, from a holistic perspective, she believes the patient must be treated, not just the disease.  Empowering children with education, in academics, self-esteem and compassion is also a large focus.  She created Urban Zen Center for people and organizations of like-mind to collaborate together to create change.

Urban Zen is based on the following three initiatives:

  • #1 preservation of culture
  • #2 wellbeing
  • #3 patient advocacy (as well as empowering children)

The Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program is the application of the well-being initiative of Urban Zen.  This program integrates some of what we consider the eastern healing techniques such as yoga and acupuncture, with more holistic focus on nutrition and the use of aromatherapy, and the medicinal use of essential oils while combining that with western medicine to focus on the whole patient, rather than just his disease.  The UZIT program is focused on integrating multiple therapies into patient care.  The objective of the program is to train and provide integrative therapists in hospitals, outpatient care centers, support groups and private practices which will transform healthcare to include these healing techniques together WITH western medicine.

It was launched in 2009 and is a 500 hour advanced program focused on integrating multiple therapies together and instead of treating a patient’s DISEASE…. they treat the actual PATIENT.  Where western medicine holds to focusing on treating disease, it does not address the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and those who care for them, both his loved ones and his nurses. 

April 15th, 2009, Beth Israel Medical Center….the ribbon cutting ceremony when the program was launched.

Urban Zen Integrative Therapists use multiple modalities (including yoga, Reiki, therapeutic use of essential oils (using Young Living essential oils), nutrition and contemplative care) to address the symptoms of PANIC—Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia, Constipation and Exhaustion—that accompany disease or injury. Following are some of the key people involved in Urban Zen and their experiences.  

Donna says, “Urban Zen stands for finding the calm in chaos.”  Here she is talking about her experience and why she wanted aromatherapy as a part of Urban Zen.


Here, Woodson Merrel, MD, the Director of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, describes how Aromatherapy, particularly using Young Living essential oils, is part of Beth Israel.


Dr. Jaime Naughright, Director of Urban Zen Integrative Therapists, talks about Young Living’s support and influence at Beth Israel.

Shana is Urban Zen’s Yoga Coordinator, and she describes the changes made at Beth Israel and how Young Living has helped.  One thing she states, “The unintended consequence is that it makes everybody a little more calm….and it CLEANS the environment.”

Coleen Saidman Yee, a yogi and co-director of Urban Zen Integrative Therapists, talks about her use of the oils.  “I am COMPLETELY addicted to the oils!”

Rodney Yee, co-director also talks about use of Young Living essential oils.


Aurora Ocampo, a clinical nurse specialist for integrative medicine, talks about the alternative techniques she uses, including aromatherapy, yoga and Reiki to enhance patient care.  She quotes a patient saying, “this is putting caring back into health care.”

Jill Pettijohn, a raw food chef and instructor for the Urban Zen Foundation, describes how she uses essential oils.  She says, “I always smile when I think of the oils and the way they make me feel.”

Sonja Nutall, Creative Director of Urban Zen, talks about her own experience with Young Living Essential oils.  “They’ve changed my life, I just want to smell their smells constantly.”


3 John 2  “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH, just as your SOUL PROSPERS.”


The “Before and After Girls”

What started out as just a random comment, led to a MEME which had 545 views in the first hour, and another 100 in the next 20 minutes.  There were comments like, “That is IT, I’m buying my ticket today!”

It has now (July 24th, 2013) been viewed by 4, 526 people and shared 59 Times, liked 68+ times on my AHeartforOils facebook page.  That’s a LOT of people and that’s my highest shared MEME/post so far 🙂

Before and After screenshot

While we were AT convention I had uploaded a few shots from my phone onto my facebook page and someone randomly commented how much younger (SHE) looked.  I thought….hummmm WHICH SHE??  We had some nice back & forth comments and that was that.  When I got home, I was looking through the pics and loading them from the phone onto my computer and just on a whim put some before/after shots of us together on a MEME.  I was actually pretty surprised myself at how much younger with BOTH looked in my own opinion.  She really did NOT want me to use it, and only allowed me to show it to a few people in a private group.  Everyone seemed astounded and so I BEGGED her, please, pretty please????… “YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!”  She finally relented and let me use it.

BEFORE and after Convention

What do you think?  Can you see the difference?

As a before/after “behind the scenes” for you…. I had just had an EXTREMELY stressful situation in my birth work right before leaving for convention.  It has the capacity to completely shut down my helping women inside of a particular hospital.  I just could not even deal with it before I left.  I tried to shake it off and went to the airport ready to absorb all manner of oily goodness.

Almost as soon as I got to the gate they announced a flight delay of an hour, which then went to two hours, then four and eventually like seven hours (I’m not exactly sure how long, I blocked that part of the memory!)  Many people on my original flight were rescheduled to the following day.  There was apparently a bad storm in Dallas, the city I was traveling through for a connection.  I did eventually get there that day, but because of several changes which included a change of airlines TWICE…you guessed it, my luggage did NOT arrive with me.  It was lost and I didn’t get it until the 3rd day there.  We had to go to a department store so I could purchase some personal care items and something to wear (after I borrowed one of my friend’s clothing for one of the days).

So when you see me in the first shot (the dark-haired one) I still had no luggage and was barely over the flight delays/emotional baggage.  

Then there was my friend, Carla, my midwifery mentor and very dear friend.  She did NOT want to come to convention even a little bit.  Her daughter, however, having attended the prior year was bound and determined that she WAS going.  She consorted together with another friend and they pretty much brought her practically kicking and screaming.  She was a few short weeks away from hostessing an enormous Birth conference, Trust Birth 2013, and felt guilty about NOT being home working on it, and promoting it.  Her list of excuses included:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Work
  • Guilt
  • Guilt
  • Guilt
  • A little more GUILT

My friends both “got skills” though and somehow corralled her into the car.  Now Carla says, “I did not want to go, nor did I think I had “time”.  I have already registered for next year and you could not KEEP me away.  I learned so much and was immersed in a very obvious quest for HEALTH.  I am incredibly impressed with the high standards and quality control of Young Living Essential Oils.”

The things we did during conference that I believe made the difference:

  • Immersed ourselves in sampling many different essential oils
  • Listening closely to the speakers and determined to LEARN
  • Tons & Ones of NingXia Red
  • Loads of Oxytocin from being with people we love
  • Belly laughter that turned to tears
  • Tears that turned to hugs
  • Lots of good food
  • A little bit of singing with Diamond Rio never hurt anybody!!

Here I am with Heather, Carla’s daughter, the one responsible for both of us being there really.  She is my direct upline and a delight…

and can I just say… “she gets THINGZ done”……

600141_191121167714100_130549869_n (1)

So what about you?  Convention 2014?  Do you have tickets yet?

Favorite Young Living 2013 Convention Speaker

Decided to cover some of the things I learned/heard/picked up while at the Young Living Convention 2013.  Hit the ground running when I got home.  Went to visit my daughter, then my mother-in-love came to visit us. One of my younger sons (19yrs) moved out of our home while I was at Convention.  So I’m still attempting to get my house in order.  Then we’ve had an impromptu visit from my MIL’s brother and nephew so I’ve been even MORE busy.  I haven’t even sorted out my notes.  I have only glanced at everybody else’s too!

First things first…. both the Leadership session and the Opening General   session were given by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine and mentor to CEOs and high-performance entrepreneurs.  He is a dynamic, enthusiastic motivational speaker.  Just listening to him makes you think …. “HEY, I could do THAT!!”  His bio says he has been a leader in the personal development industry for seventeen years.  He is a prolific speaker and as an 18 year old entrepreneur was earning a six-figure income.

He is attractive, clean-cut, well-spoken and the content of his information is easy to understand and makes you want to sit in closer to soak it up.  He would have to be my favorite speaker of the whole week.  (I’ll talk about the close 2nd next.)  There are many tools on his website and he freely shared his powerpoints and other information.

He showed a video clip of a successful man when asked how to win in business. Art was a high school football coach who had a dream and an idea and became a billionaire entrepreneur.  Art Williams, asks….”what does a $500,000 dollar a year man do that the $50,000 a year man do?”

Here is a longer version.

Darren talked about the advice he was given on being successful…

“Go fail – a lot. – Your goal is to out-fail your competition.  Whoever can fail the most, the fastest and the biggest wins.” 

He took that advice and in his own words, “became a failure-seeking maniac”  and went forward to become successful above and beyond what many of us can imagine. He ended up outselling an office of 44 agents combined. Combined!!  that means all of them put together.  I don’t emphasize that because I don’t think you understand it, but because that is an ENORMOUS feat, no? 

Here is a snippet of what he shared in his own words, his failure speech.

The one thing he said that hit me with the force of a hurricane had nothing to do with business or with essential oils.  It had everything to do with relationships particularly the marriage relationship.  He talked about percentages.   He asked….what percentage do you have to give in your marriage relationship for it to be successful?  Some say 50/50…you give half and the other person gives half.  Others say 80/20 as long as you give 80% then you’re doing your best.  I sat there thinking, no, it has to be 100/100…EACH person has to give 100%.  And his answer?

100/0.  You have to be willing to give 100% of yourself even if your partner is only giving 0%…that is personal responsibility.

Do you want to be right?  Or do you want to be happy?

Do you want to make moments of magic happen?

100% to 0% – That is the only way you can truly say you’ve given everything and done everything you can to make it work.  It’s not what you know, it’s what you do.  Stop looking for the quick fix.  It is the small, seemingly insignificant moment-by-moment choices.

Watch this clip for some Famous failures: 

So get out there…. and rack up some failures…chase it with reckless abandon!!

Testimonial – Nightmares

Nightmares are common in childhood, equally occurring in both boys and girls until early puberty, during which time they become more frequent in girls.  As many as 50% of young children may experience nightmares.  Occasional bad dreams are not usually worrisome, but recurrent nightmares that rob you or your child of sleep or cause you fear or anxiety during your waking hours may require more focused attention.

Some common traits of nightmares are:

  • the dream awakens you
  • you are frightened, anxious, sad or disgusted because of the dream
  • you can clearly recall vivid details of the dream
  • the dream keeps you from going back to sleep

Ways to avoid having nightmares may consist of:

  • reducing or eliminating stress
  • no frightening books or movies before bedtime
  • no snacks right before bedtime

Other things that may cause nightmares:

  • illness
  • trauma, PTSD
  • medications, especially antidepressants, narcotics, barbituates and beta blockers

Some coping methods could include:

  • talking about the dream
  • putting stress in its place, use some deep breathing
  • use a night light
  • keep the door open/or closed whichever one gives you or your child comfort

Most physicians would not treat nightmares with any medication and when you find your child is suffering frequent nightmares that interrupt both of your sleep, it can be more than bothersome.  Following is a testimonial from a mother showing how she dealt with nightmares in her home using Young Living Essential Oils.

Nightmares.Heather Brock

“… And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”  Revelation 22:2