Death by Vaccination – Suzanne F’s story

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Last Updated: 1/13/2014

Following is a story from my facebook friend, Suzanne, and the loss of her son.

Here’s Thomas’s (MY SON) story:

“I was born HEALTHY September 28, 2012. I was given the 1st vaccine required by law in Illinois, Hepatitis B, the day I was born in the hospital. I went home 3 days later and everything seemed to be fine. I was growing little by little. I was happy. My Mommy and Daddy loved me.

On November 29, 2012 I had my 1st set of vaccinations at my well-baby doctor’s appointment. They injected me with poisons. My Mother didn’t know any better. She trusted the doctor and what she was told, that the vaccines they were giving me were safe. My Mommy made the wrong decision. Little did she know, they poisoned me. I wasn’t able to talk. I didn’t want to be injected by a pointy needle, but my Mommy let them do it anyway.

A day and a half later on December 1, 2012, Jesus came and got me. He wanted me to be My Mommy’s Angel.

I often see my Mommy crying. I know every day she wakes up in pain. She cries herself to sleep at night. She sometimes cannot bare to even go outside. She has trouble in the nighttime, maybe because I’m not there. I know she longs to hold me, but she can’t anymore. I know she still knows how it felt with her head next to mine as she was holding me.

I remember how happy I made her and Daddy. They loved me. They did everything they thought they should do for me, but when my Mommy took me to the doctor to get shots, it wasn’t what she should have done because I am not with her and Daddy anymore. I went to sleep and never woke up. My Mommy had to find me lifeless that morning and it broke my Mommy’s heart. She will never be the same. She still cries daily more than a year later because she just won’t get over losing me. She lives with guilt and what if’s. She was supposed to have me with her, but I am not.

The doctors don’t feel the pain that I went through when they stuck me with the shots. The pharmaceutical companies don’t feel any pain and they don’t care that my Mommy lost me. The government doesn’t feel any of the pain that my Mommy feels everyday because I wasn’t their child.


Here is a picture of me the day at the doctor’s office before they gave me those shots. Didn’t I look so HAPPY AND HEALTHY? I was.


 And here is a picture of me the next day after the shots. I was so out of it. My eyes just don’t look right. It looked as if I was drugged and poisoned and I was. I slept mostly and hardly ate and then the very next day, had to leave My Mommy!


Vaccination injuries are real. It is not normal to have heavy metals and toxins into a newborn or anybody else for that matter. ALL VACCINES ARE DESIGNED TO KILL!!! MY SON WAS KILLED BY VACCINES. DO NOT VACCINATE. You CANNOT take it back after it is done. You CAN CHOOSE not to do it. Regardless of what doctors or hospitals say,WE CAN CHOOSE NOT TO VACCINATE. We, as parents, are forced by the GOVERNMENT, DOCTORS, HOSPITALS and PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES to give “OUR” BABIES LETHAL (DEADLY) INJECTIONS that are making them rich. Most DO NOT vaccinate their own children because of the risks involved, but WE let them force them on “OUR” children.

***  My thoughts:  I asked Suzanne to share her story for us, and she told it from the perspective of her son and his feelings.  As you reflect on this, I pray that Thomas’s face is imprinted upon your brain, your very soul and it gives this issue the humanity that it deserves.  This story, and many more like it, along with my children’s vaccine damage is why I am so very vocal, to the point of being obnoxious about it.  I will never stop.  I commit to continue with all my mind, my heart and my soul until my voice is silenced in death.  I believe that death is the result of the practice of vaccination so many more times than we’ve been led to believe.  Sometimes it may be slow and gradual, other times it is swift and immediate.  This is not just a personal parenting decision like what color to paint baby’s room…..or where to attend preschool…..or what bedtime to settle on.  This child, and others like him, are the reason I won’t sugar-coat vaccination…. why I won’t call it “immunization”….. why I won’t “respect a parent’s right to choose” it.  Sure, it IS your choice…. BUT….. nobody is going to meet ME and then in the after-life be able to ask me, “Why didn’t you tell me the truth?  Why didn’t you MAKE me listen?  Why didn’t you KEEP talking until I understood?”

What about YOU, now, what are YOU going to do?  Nevermind me, nevermind the medical community, nevermind your critics…..what about YOU?  Do it for Thomas, and the others like him that don’t HAVE a voice anymore.

** I cross posted this from my other blog due to the vast number of people looking for help from essential oils but not wanting to consider vaccination as a cause of many of the issues they describe.  Look on  for more information on the practice of vaccination.

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