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Cleaning products

You can be sure of your cleaning products when you make them yourself.  When you use pure therapeutic grade essential oils, not only will you be using products that are not harmful, but you will also be IMPROVING your environment.

This first recipe is for tub/sink scrub and it uses Thieves cleaner or essential oil.  The cleaner is really good straight up by itself and I use it that way sometimes, but I usually use it in other recipes.

Bathtub and sink scrub

Dishwasher detergent is not only not good for the environment but the cost adds up.  This is a very inexpensive recipe.

Diswasher detergent

Citric acid can be found here if you can’t find it locally.  For Young Living essential oils go HERE if you do not have an account to buy wholesale and don’t have another friend that already is a distributor.  HERE is a post about how to sign up and decide what to order.  

Wanting an alternative to using sponges, paper towels or clorox wipes?  This recipe is working well for our family.  I use the Hemp almond Dr. Bronner’s and I LOVE the way it smells and feels.  You can purchase Dr. Bronner’s here.  These wipes would also double well for baby wipes.

Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

Following is a recipe for making your own wooden furniture cleaning spray.

Homemade Furniture Polishing Spray

Happy “Oily” Cleaning!!