Calming a Fussy Baby – Personal Testimony – Using Essential Oils

The following is a personal testimony of a fellow Young Living member who is also a professional photographer.  He had a potential disaster on his hands when a baby wasn’t  cooperating.  There are many times when a fussy baby can interfere with what parents want to do……like shopping, or going to church, or visiting with a friend…..or handling a phone call or maybe just enjoying some much needed peace and quiet.  Read what he thought to do:

calming a fussy baby testimony

Maybe your baby is just overly tired or maybe he is having tummy issues like this baby seemed to be having.  In any case, essential oils are an excellent choice for  calming babies without the risk of side effects.    Check out the book Gentle Babies by Debra Rayburn which gives lots of suggestions for the use of essential oils with babies and during pregnancy too.  If you want to sign up for an account with Young Living with a Startup with Everyday Oils kit, (during the month of May 2013) I will give you a copy of this book as a welcome gift.  Click HERE and fill it in.  Then message me with your address and I’ll send your complementary welcome gift.

Happy Oiling!!

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